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About the Data in SEA Tool

Data in SEA Tool is a map-based interaction portal to explore information about Pronto bicycles and how people use them to travel in the Seattle area. Using publicly-available data from 2014, this interface provides opportunities to visualize and understand station information, travel times, and routes used by Pronto pass holders. Clicking on an individual station reveals information about the particular set of Pronto bike racks and a general sense of how people use the station. Alternatively, selecting a pair of stations reveals information about how Pronto riders travel throughout the city.

In addition to providing a way to view Pronto's publicly available information, the development of this visualization focused on three goals. First, to acknowledge Pronto as the source for and subject of this visualization, the map and navigation color scheme mimics Pronto's branding. Second, to make this solution something that other people could build on and adopt with their own bike data and their own cities, this visualization's source code is available for viewing and forking on Github. Finally, to emphasize the relationship between the data and how it was collected, the map interface was created as the central view and platform for interactions.

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Using This Tool

The majority of the interactions in this tool occur on the map itself. To begin, simply click on one of the brown markers, which will reveal a the station's location and the total number of bike racks at the station.

In the window generated above a selected station, clicking on the "Pick Destination" link enables a trip mode. In this mode, selecting a second station will show information based on a route generated by traveling between the two stations.

Once a station or trip is selected, the panel on the right side of the screen reveals additional information about the station or trip, including how Pronto riders use the station and geographic details provided by Google Maps.

The panel on the right side also contains suggestions for interactions when nothing is selected. Just underneath the title of the panel is a phrase indicating to click a station when none is selected or enables returning to station mode when a trip has been set.

Data in SEA Tool was developed for a desktop use case. A mobile user experience is coming soon.